Quick Install Guide

  1. Unzip the file you downloaded from https://www.apexofficeprint.com

  2. Run aop_db_pkg.sql and aop_modal_pkg.sql (in the "db"-directory) in your Oracle Schema (SQL Workshop -> SQL Scripts -> Upload -> Select file and hit Upload)

  3. Import dynamic_action_plugin_be_apexrnd_aop_da.sql, process_type_plugin_be_apexrnd_aop.sql, and dynamic_action_plugin_be_apexrnd_aop_convert_da.sql, dynamic_action_plugin_be_apexrnd_aop_modal.sql (in the "apex/apex_version_/plugin"-directory) in Shared Components > Plug-ins

  4. On the page you want to use AOP, add the "APEX Office Print" Dynamic Action or Process