AOP is shipped with four APEX Plug-ins to make printing and exporting your data quick and easy from Oracle APEX.

The AOP Dynamic Action Plug-in is the most commonly used plug-in and the best place for new users to start. This plug-in makes it easy for you to allow your users print their data on-demand, at the click of a button. See the AOP Dynamic Action section for the complete reference.

The AOP Modal Plug-in makes it even easier to download and schedule reports. The AOP Modal gives power to the end-users and allows them to download a Classic Report, Interactive Report, and Interactive Grid in the format and look and feel they want. Easily add a logo and additional text to a template to get the customized output you’ve been waiting for. See the AOP Modal section to learn more.

The AOP Convert Plug-in can be used to convert any file to pdf when no template is required. See the AOP Convert section for more details.

The AOP Process Plug-in allows you to use the power of AOP in your page processes. As this method is not as robust as using our AOP Dynamic Action plug-in, we recommend that a process is used only when necessary for your use case. Note that your page attribute "Reload on Submit" need to be set to "Always" and NOT "Only for Success" to use the process type plug-in in the After Processing section. If you want to keep "Only for Success", please use this plug-in as a before header process or use the APEX Office Print (AOP) Dynamic Action plugin.

See the AOP Process section for more.

For installation instructions for any of our plug-ins, see the Installation section.