APEX Sample Applications


APEX Office Print requires Oracle APEX 5.0.4 or higher. Interactive Grid support is included in Oracle APEX 5.1 and above. Remote Databases and Web Sources are support in Oracle APEX 18.1 and above.

The Sample Applications are compatible with APEX version 18.1 and higher. Note that the higher the APEX version, the more samples the AOP Sample App will include. We recommend looking at the latest version of the AOP Sample App, even if you are not yet on the latest version of APEX, you can always install our sample app on apex.oracle.com. Many examples will work in previous versions of APEX, but they don't necessarily exist in that version of the AOP Sample App.

Import via Command Line

To import the AOP Sample Application via command line locate aop_sample_apex_app.sql in apex/\<apex version>/ and if needed, move it to a location that can be accessed by your database. Connect to the schema in which you would like to install the application and run the following:

    apex_application_install.set_workspace('AOPDEMO'); -- replace AOPDEMO with your workspace
    apex_application_install.set_schema('AOPDEMO');  -- replace AOPDEMO with your schema 
    apex_application_install.set_application_alias('AOP_' || apex_application_install.get_application_id);
    apex_application_install.set_auto_install_sup_obj(p_auto_install_sup_obj => true );


Note: The AOP Sample Application will also install all supporting objects, so after the import you can simply start using the application.

Trying the AOP Sample Application

The APEX application that comes with AOP shows different examples of how APEX Office Print can be used inside an application.

We really recommend going through our sample application and inspecting elements of the pages to quickly learn how to use AOP.

Note that the AOP Sample Application is shipped with different versions according to the versions of APEX. The higher the APEX version, the more features you will find in the AOP Sample App. Please download and use the AOP Sample Application that corresponds to the version of APEX on which it will be imported. If you are on a less than recent version of APEX, you can always install our latest AOP Sample Application on apex.oracle.com to view any newer features.