• Is there a more user friendly method of knowing the name of the merge placeholders from the sql statement when creating the template? 01-MAR-2016  
    If you don't give a template, it will automatically generate a Word doc with the placeholders. In your SQL statement you could also give it user-friendly alias's.    
  • Can Apex Office Print be called in a batch mode called from a batch scheduler such as dbms_scheduler to run in the background? 01-MAR-2016  
    Yes, the APEX plugin is just an easy way to integrate AOP in your own application, but we provide a PL/SQL package too which does the call.    
  • Is the file produced an rtf, a doc or a docx? 01-MAR-2016  
    At the moment we support docx, xlsx and pptx as templates. Output can be more formats (whatever MS Office can export to).    
  • In the scheme of AOP running on my local server, do I require a license for each server? 01-MAR-2016  
    The license key is tight to the Mac address of the server it's running on. So if you install PROD on one machine that would be license one, if you put AOP on another machine which is for DEV, QA, ... it would be another license key. For the DEV machine you could put AOP in multiple folders on the same server and run them on different ports, the license key would work for all on the same machine.    
  • When I reinstall a computer will I have problems with AOP license to reinstall this? 01-MAR-2016  
    No, as long as the MAC address is the same.    
  • Do I require an Internet connection to install AOP on my own server? 01-MAR-2016  
  • Does the next error indicate an error in the template? "Error while generating file Error while executing conversion command, please make sure LibreOffice bin folder is in your path variable. Check by typing ’soffice --version’ in command line. " 01-MAR-2016  
    This typically mean we can't convert the output to PDF, either the issue is in your configuration or their might be an issue with the temporary file (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) so it can't do the conversion.    
  • What is a credit? 01-MAR-2016  
    A credit is a request to APEX Office Print (typically this is one file) A credit is a request to our server for a document (docx, xslx, pptx, pdf, html).    
  • If I buy the bronze/silver/gold package with unlimited credits (€1500/€3900/€4900), do I need to pay additional fees with major releases? Or does my annual fee cover that? 01-MAR-2016  
    You pay a one time price which includes support and free updates within the first year. If you want to keep getting support and updates, that is where the annual fee comes in.    
  • Do you also charge by the file? 01-MAR-2016  
    No, we charge per month starting with our bronze package which includes 150 credits/month. If you are new to our product, you can try our free trial and receive your first 100 credits which are valid for 100 days.    
  • Can I set this tool up on a server within our environment and use it to support our development and production server? If I pay for a license for production, can I direct my development server to hit my production server with requests? 01-MAR-2016  
    Yes, you can try it before you buy and you can put AOP on a server both development and production point to.    
  • I am trying to test my form output to PDF, but I am getting a JSON error and am stuck. How do I solve this? 01-MAR-2016  
    If you enable remote debugging in the AOP plugin (Shared Components > Component Settings > AOP), we can help you find the issue more easily. Typically there's an issue with the JSON itself, due to not having an APEX patch installed.    
  • When I run a script in the SQL Commands window using a bind variable, I get the exact record I’m looking for. However, when run through AOP, it fails. Where this started is that the plug-in runs great, but does not run for the current record. So I tried adding a bind variable. 01-MAR-2016  
    Make sure the AOP process is before the RESET process, otherwise AOP won't know the client_id.    
  • In a typical web architecture with a database server accessed by a persons browser via an application server would node.js be installed on the database server? Node.js on the database server will allow batch printing. I assume if node.js is in a location accessible by the application server it's functions can be accessed from a browser for producing a file and locally printing a file? 01-MAR-2016  
    You don't really need Node, you just need the AOP executable. You can put that on the database server or on a machine the database server has access to. So the client (browser) don't even need access to AOP.