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Known Issues

This page is an active list of known product or service issues affecting APEX Office Print users.
Not all issues are necessarily posted here, but we'll do our best effort to update this page in a timely manner.

See also the section Troubleshooting in our documentation:

Known Issues

  • Interactive Report: Break on data with a comma turns into separate columns in Excel

    When the interactive report is set to have a control-break on the column which may contain commas, this is where the problem occurs.

    • The template is a static application file of type xlsx containing the {&interactive}  tag.
    • AOP Process or Dynamic Plug-in version 3.4 or earlier
    • The plugin output type is Excel (xlsx)
    • Plug-in data type set to Classic and/or Interactive Report/Grids(s) with the static ID set for the IR

    The issue appears to be only when the column containing commas in data is used as a control-break on the interactive report, in that case the column is split where the comma is and takes two cells instead of one.


    Currently no workaround. Will be fixed in the upcoming release.

  • AOP Sample Application - Examples - Dashboard generates invalid Word file

    In AOP 3.4, in the AOP Sample Application, the Dashboard example will generate an invalid Word document.


    The reason is some quotes are not real quotes; after changing the quotes it should work fine.

    Steps to fix: click on every region and in Custom Attribute, replace the quotes with real double quotes:
    data-aop-max-width="400" data-aop-max-height="400"

  • Screenshot of some charts/visualisations not correct

    For static ids defined of the regions AOP doesn't have a build-in functionality, a screenshot is taken.

    For example JET charts or D3.js or other libraries will be taken a screenshot and an image will be included in the template. For some charts or visualisations e.g. Gauge JET chart the screenshot is not complete and misses some components.


    Currently no work around. Behind the scenes we use HTML2Canvas and for some components this technique is not suited well. We are still investigating how to solve it for divs/visualisations that don't work today.