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Designed with the finest details, APEX Office Print is a flexible print server for Oracle Application Express (APEX) to generate your Office and PDF-documents in no time and effort - we make printing easy.

About APEX Office Print

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We care about your printing

APEX Office Print makes printing in Oracle Application Express (APEX) a lot easier. Make a template in Office, choose data from a database and merge them into one. You can easily print the result with office or PDF and have your document in no time. It saves you time and effort by creating templates in which you can integrate your data.

  • Simple templates

    Create templates for your data in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Easy and effortless

    Choose your data and integrate it in your template. Print out the result with great ease and little effort.

  • Facilitate, accelerate, improve

    Saves you a lot of time, work and most importantly: money. We make printing in APEX easy because we care about your business.

The Benefits

Simple printing

It’s fast, easy and saves you money. There is no easier way to print in APEX than working with APEX Office Print.

Quick & Easy Setup

Import the APEX plugin in your application and you're up and running.

Any data

Words, images, barcodes, formulas... it is easy to merge your data with any template you made in APEX Office Print.

Scalable & secure

APEX Office Print is a scalable and secure product that fits your every need in printing.

Optimized for Performance

Our great design with the finest details shows how much we care for your business to profit from our products.


APEX Office Print is a print server which allows you to create templates in Word, Excel, PowerPoint for any kind of data.

How it Works


Edit & Customize

Create a template for your document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Select your data

Choose the data you want to integrate in the document from your database.



Use APEX Office Print to merge your template with the data you just selected.



Your output is an instant ready document in Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), PDF or HTML!

Watch the Videos

Word   |   IR(s) to Word/PDF   |   Excel   |   Powerpoint   |   Promo

Interested in more videos? Watch our tutorials.

Unique Features of AOP

It's that easy! Nothing new to learn; you just need to know SQL and MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

  • Only solution fully integrated with APEX

    AOP comes with an APEX plugin and PL/SQL API, which makes it very easy for the developer to define the data and template they want to use.

  • Integration with Interactive Report and Grid

    You define your Interactive Report or Grid as the data source, and AOP will understand the filtering that was applied and if other features like highlighting were used.

  • Chart support

    AOP can generate native Word, Excel and Powerpoint charts. With APEX 5.1 we will also support JET charts.

  • Rich Text Editor (HTML) to Office and PDF

    AOP transforms HTML Rich Text Editor source into native bold, italic, underline etc. of Office. So WYSIWYG in the browser, straigt in your document.

  • Based on JSON

    Under the hood AOP is using JSON. AOP will be even better with APEX 5.1 (Interactive Grid and JET Charts are JSON right? ☺)

  • Cloud and on-Premise

    No new infrastructure is needed for AOP; you can use it as a cloud service (works also with Oracle Cloud). If you choose for on-premise, you can also install it on your own server(s).

Behind APEX Office Print

APEX Office Print is a product of APEX R&D, located in Leuven, Belgium. We are an experienced partner that helps you facilitate, improve and accelerate your business through new solutions. Built on in-depth technological expertise, our company provides custom-made IT services and solutions for managing business data and processes. We help your business to get from an idea to innovation through research. APEX Office Print is that new innovation that makes data-organization and printing at your company easier and faster. With this printing server, printing in APEX was never so easy. With almost no effort you create templates for your data. Next you can easily print the document you made with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Yet another example how we go from idea to innovation. Visit us and learn more www.apexrnd.be


Cloud Pricing

You only need the APEX Plugin. APEX Office Print runs on our servers.

  • Bronze

    € 29.90 /month
    (33 USD)
    • 150 credits/month
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • PDF, HTML5 (output only)
    • Support

  • Silver

    € 49.90 /month
    (55 USD)
    • 450 credits/month
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • PDF, HTML5 (output only)
    • Support

  • Gold

    € 99.90 /month
    (110 USD)
    • 1100 credits/month
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • PDF, HTML5 (output only)
    • Premium Support

* With the Free Trial you get 100 credits which are valid for 100 days.
* A credit is a request to our server for a document (docx, xslx, pptx, pdf, html).

Need help?

Contact us at info@apexofficeprint.com

On Premise Pricing

APEX Office Print runs on your own local server.

  • Bronze

    € 1500
    (1675 USD)
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • PDF, HTML5 (output only)
    • Support

  • Silver

    € 3900
    (4375 USD)
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • PDF, HTML5 (output only)
    • Support

  • Gold

    € 4900
    (5500 USD)
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • PDF, HTML5 (output only)
    • Support

* With the Free Trial you can run AOP on your own server and use Word templates. The output is Word or PDF with a trial watermark.
* There're no credit limits with the on-Premise version. Price is per installation of AOP.
  You can install AOP on a machine which can be reached by your different environments (DEV, TEST, QA, PROD) or separate to for example DEV, TEST, QA and a separate one for PROD (2 licenses). There's also the option to go with an Enterprise wide version which means you can install APEX Office Print on as many servers as you want within your organization.
  Optional: 20% maintenance and support fee per year starting from second year (includes free upgrades).
  Not allowed to run AOP on a public server. Please contact us for OEM.

Support/Consulting Package

Although AOP is build to be simple and userfriendly, some people just need some more resources to convert their current reports to APEX Office Print. We offer a support and consulting package that covers exactly that. The price can be by hour or as a fixed price cost.
Next to building your reports we can train you on the job so you're up and running in no time. We're experts in Oracle Application Express, so even when you've other challenges with APEX we can give you support in that too. If you're interested in this package, please contact support@apexofficeprint.com.

Trusted by Many

We've used APEX Office Print probably in the last four to eight weeks. It's an awesome product. It fills a very big gap in the Oracle market that has been there for a long time in terms of (mail) merging data from Oracle with Microsoft Word documents. To me, in years and years of consulting, there has always been a big gap for such a need and I believe that APEX Office Print fills that need. It's a very well thought-about product. The thing I like about AOP is that it is really flexible. There are so many ways you can use it. There are so many options that make it flexible and really powerful. I would not hesitate to recommend it to my clients in the future.

Gemma Wood, Cavanti

One of the best features that I like about APEX Office Print is how easy it is for both the business users and developers to use it. For the business users they can just use a simple Word file, no plug-ins required, and they just use substitution strings to get the data in. As for developers, they don't have to worry about all the programming that they need to do for their business users. They just take what their business users provide them, in terms of a Word document, plug it in into the AOP API. And once they run the engine, they get out their PDF, PowerPoint or whatever document they want.

Martin Giffy D'Souza, Insum

Apex Office Print was recommended to us by our Oracle Apex Consultants who had worked with it on other projects. We had the need to generate Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF letters, but we wanted our users to have control over the presentation and content of the letter templates. Apex Office Print enabled us to create Microsoft Word templates which was then merged with data from ClaimWise (our Oracle Apex claims system). It has been great to be able change and add new letters to ClaimWise without the need to involve technical resources each time. Our technical team continue to speak very highly of Apex Office Print from a flexibility perspective and I am very happy with how it met our business needs. Apex Office Print has delivered the same functionality that Oracle BI Publisher would have given us, but at a fraction of the price! We will be using Apex Office Print for other projects, such as as reporting in the future.

Rich Henriksen, CEO, Nokomis Health, Inc.

Contact us

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Kapeldreef 60
    3001 Heverlee, Belgium
  • Phone: +32 16 298447
  • info@apexofficeprint.com

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