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Thursday, July 16, 2020

AOP 20.2 is now available!

APEX Office Print (AOP)


We are excited to announce that AOP 20.2 is now available for download at!

This is a *free update* for all of our users, Cloud and On-premises (with a valid maintenance contract). You can view the full release notes here.


  • PDF Form Filling: Do you currently spend too much time filling in forms in PDF documents?  Now, AOP can do that for you!  Simply provide your existing PDF form to AOP along with your data and we'll handle the rest.  No more tedious, repetitive typing!  As an added bonus, when you pass a PDF from to AOP, it can even tell you what fillable fields exist within the document. 
  • PDF Signing: Need to add a signature to a document? No problem! It is now possible to sign a PDF  that contains a signature field. Signatures are cryptographically bound and secure.
  • Column Breaks: No need to organize your data by a specific column through your query, AOP can do that for you! You can now create column breaks in your output by simply setting up the desired format in your template using the break filter, for example, {#products|break:“CATEGORY”}.
  • Enhancements, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements & an Updated Sample App: For the complete list, see the release notes.

We hope you enjoy AOP 20.2 and most importantly, we hope you are staying healthy!

The AOP Team



  • Tom Mullen 30 Jul 2020

    When do you anticipate the docker image being make available for 20.2?